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Meet Our Members!

Do You Have What It Takes?


Man Up! It's a common challenges between men, especially in regard to sports. Society says it's acceptable to challenge someone to 'man up' to support a team or an athlete or to challenge someone else to overcome an obstacle. Why shouldn't men and business leaders also be challenged to 'man up' and support their own daughters and other young women in the community.

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Who Can Be Involved?

  • Business
  • Fathers
  • Girls
  • Everyone

tab businessWhen a business supports Man Enough, it's publicly declaring support for the believe that all girls should have the opportunity to become women of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

tab fatherFewer than 10% of men publicly support Girl Scouts in public forums like Facebook. Fathers who join the Man Enough campaign say they stand fully, publicly and proudly behind their daughters' success and behind the success of every girl.

tab girlsGirls, your parents are your first and greatest role models. Tell your father he should become Man Enough for Girl Scouts because Girl Scouts will help you become the best grownup you can be.

tab earthWe believe that when girls succeed, society succeeds. Whether they’re assembling robots, planting trees, collecting cans of food, or petitioning Congress, Girl Scouts are building a better world for all of us.

Step Up

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Join the club. Break down barriers. Make A Difference.

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Additional Benefits

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More Than Baseball
Reduced priced tickets. Networking Opportunities. Father/Daughter events. We have them. Are you man enough to participate?

Upcoming Events

The Man Enough program creates opportunities for fathers to spend meaningful time with their daughters and other family members. Below is a list of upcoming activities.

We Have Her Back

girl small Fathers love their daughters. These fathers have done more. They've stepped up and said they're man enough to be a Girl Scout. Fathers love their daughters. These fathers. are man enough to be a Girl Scout.
man Courageous girls are the next generation's women of character. Our Man Enough business partners are preparing for that future today.Our Man Enough business partners know the next generation will be shaped by courageous women of character.

Sponsors and Affiliates

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  • Amity Acres Day Camp +

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    You Are Man Enough

    Congratulations, you're ready to take advantage of benefits that come from the Man Enough To Be A Girl Scout campaign. If you have not already registered to be Man Enough you can do that and claim your benefit here as well. If you're the father of an active Girl Scout, you can join for $25. If you're a business leader - man or woman - your business can join this important initiative for only $50. The benefits are the same for both groups and every business sponsorship comes with a membership for one individual as well.

    Sign up to show your support using the form below.

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  • New Jersey Natural Gas +

    The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore are honored to have its Man Enough To Be A Girl Scout initiative Read More
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Why Man Enough?

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore created its Man Enough campaign in an effort to involve more fathers and business leaders in the lives of all girls, especially Girl Scouts. While all fathers and business leaders privately support girls and the idea they can become anything, public involvement in making that ideal a reality lags far behind the support boys receive while participating in similar activities.